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12 Most Amazing Butt Plugs According To Reviews

We've compiled a list of the 12 Most Amazing Butt Plugs According To Reviews - May 2024. We put them through their paces to bring you this list of the best on the market.
# 12 Lovehoney - £22.99

Lovehoney Small Heart Glass Butt Plug 3 Inch By Lovehoney

A heartfelt gift for the anal adorer in your life, this petite plug is sure to get your pulse pumping. Its smooth base and slim neck are topped with a beautiful chiseled heart – perfect for newcomers to bum fun as well as seasoned posterior players.

# 11 - £24.99

Beaded Black Anal Dildo with Suction Cup Base 6.5 Inch

Combining the graduated pleasure of beads with the practicality of a hands-free toy, this anal dildo is perfect for backdoor beginners. With a suction cup base, and 6.5 inches of tapered beading to explore, you'll love the gentle build of sensations.

# 10 Lovehoney BASICS - £12.99

BASICS Beaded Slimline Butt Plug By Lovehoney BASICS

Perfect for beginners, the BASICS Beaded Butt Plug allows you to take total control of your anal pleasure. Start with the small and sensual insertion bead before increasing your stimulation and graduating to bigger and better things.

# 9 Lovehoney - £8.00

Lovehoney Booty Buddy 7 Function Vibrating Butt Plug 4 Inch By Lovehoney

Hear that? It's the call of booty, enticing you to slip this beginner-friendly navy blue plug up your bum. Its satisfying curves bend with your body, while the included bullet slots in and powers 2 speeds and 5 patterns of posterior-pleasing vibration.

# 8 Lovehoney - £22.99

Lovehoney Jewelled Heart Metal Beginner's Butt Plug 2.5 Inch By Lovehoney

Delve into the heart of your pleasure with this jewelled, aluminium butt plug. Made from steel with 2.5 inches of insertable length, this smooth 145g metal plug is perfect for adding a little sparkle to your anal adventures.

# 7 Lovehoney - £34.99

Lovehoney Get Started Beginner's Anal Kit (4 Piece) By Lovehoney

Navigate the beaded, buzzing world of anal play with this beginner's kit. Four toys treat your new bot on the block to nerve-tingling sensations, with added vibrations for that extra-pleasurable oomph. A value-for-money gift for first-timers.

# 6 Lovehoney - £20.69

Lovehoney Jewelled Metal Medium Butt Plug 3 Inch By Lovehoney

Jewel around with this sparkling, silver butt plug. Weighing an impressive 240g, it's a filling treat for your tush. Slather with water-based anal lube and enjoy, as the smooth metal plug bedazzles your booty. Talk about a rock bottom.

# 5 Lovehoney - £19.99

Lovehoney Vibrating Inflatable Butt Plug 4.5 Inch By Lovehoney

Combining powerful vibrations with an inflatable plug, the Lovehoney Inflatable Butt Plug offers a totally customisable experience. Simply use the pump to increase the girth, then turn on the vibrations for incredibly satisfying anal stimulation.

# 4 Lovehoney BASICS - £9.99

BASICS Clear T-Bar Butt Plug By Lovehoney BASICS

It's clear as day: if you're interested in anal play, you need this butt plug. Tapered to an easily inserted point and suiting first-timers to a T with its slim 4-inch girth and insertable length, it nestles inside for thrilling, filling sensations.

# 3 Lovehoney BASICS - £9.99

BASICS Slimline Butt Plug By Lovehoney BASICS

Explore anal play for the first time with this petite, smooth beginners butt plug. Tapered, slender and specifically designed for anal newbies, allow its shapely body to fill you inside, and expertly stimulate your nerve-endings to orgasmic effect.

# 2 Lovehoney - £22.99

Lovehoney Butt Tingler 10 Function Vibrating Butt Plug 3.5 Inch By Lovehoney

Get ready to tingle the night away. Stimulate sensitive nerve-endings and indulge in the smooth, petite curves of our T-bar butt plug vibrator.

# 1 Lovehoney - £22.99

Lovehoney Jewelled Metal Beginner's Butt Plug 2.5 Inch By Lovehoney

Ramp up the funk in your trunk with this little gem, a silver aluminium butt plug with petite proportions and a sparkling jewelled base. Just 2.5 inches long and 3.75 inches around, it weighs 145 grams to fill your badonkadonk with glittery gratification.

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